More than 30 scientists research at the MEA in different areas and scientific disciplines.
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The main research results around pensions, the labor market and life in old age are summarized in the MEA press area.
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Flexible retirement - international comparison.
Many retirement models reduce the volume of work from elderly people. Working longer often has no financial benefits.
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Employment in old age.
The existing flexible retirement models in Germany create incentives for early retirement. Besides, older workers are urgently needed.
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Oral health in the light of economic principles. Reasons for the market failure and the consequences.
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The Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA) is one department of the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy. The mission of MEA is to evaluate, anticipate and accompany the micro- and macroeconomic aspects of demographic change. Empirical models and their resulting projections enable MEA to deliver sound scientific advice for economic and social policy. These models base on German, European and global data. In addition to predicting future developments, these models shall be also used to analyze policy measures that affect these developments.


29.10.2015 Ageing in Europe – Supporting Policies for an Inclusive Society

Wave 5 First Results Book Release, Brussels

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16.9.2015 „Mandatory Retirement – Recent Legal Developments in Norway“ - Melanie Hack

MPISOC, 10:30 -12:00, room 313

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